About Chenpion, Inc.

- Where did the name 'Chenpion, Inc.' come from?
  Chenpion, a play on the word Champion and my surname, Chen, was one of the rare good nicknames I've had the... dubious pleasure of being called in my colorful past. I was dubbed this in Marlins Aquatic Club (for swimming, naturally), because of my speed in freestyle.

- That's great, but 'Inc.'?
  I've a cousin who is really into starting, and acquiring, companies. Having worked for him for a couple of years, and seeing his successes (he's a millionaire now, so he must be doing something right), made me dream those dangerous dreams of grandeur... so, who knows? One day, this might actually become reality. Admittedly, the 'Inc.' at the end does come from Doug's site, http://kueller.com, so I'll give credit where credit's due there.

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